The Golden Hour.

The golden hour is the period shortly before the sun rises and before the sun sets when the daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is high in the sky. This is a MAJOR KEY in the photography world. MAJOR KEY ALERT. Luckily, I was able to catch this moment over the weekend with my favorite model.


I think that this is my favorite “photo shoot”, so far. The lighting was EVERYTHING.


Temerrian Michele


Another Year Older…

Last year I went out and bought a python and this year, I just spent time with my family. That’s all I really wanted to do this year. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just spend time and be near my family. The older I get, that seems to be the only thing I feel like doing. You can call me boring, but I’m soooo close to making my niece be my bestfriend. She hated me a couple of months ago and now I get hugs and I can be in the same area. She won’t stay with me alone, but I’ll take this small victory.

And what’s a trip home with out taking pictures of my other 2 bestfriends?! =)


No trip is ever complete without a shoot with them.


-Temerrian Michele

Graduation Season

It’s Spring and Graduation season is here! I’m extremely excited this year because my little sister is graduating from high school. It’s official…I’m old now.

When your sister is a photographer, you never have to worry about pictures for any occasion. You know I had to capture all of this Black Girl Magic for you.

18 years old + 1 yr old daughter + high school diploma + CNA certification + plans for college = no statistic. Shine on Little Sis.

Temerrian Michele

So Familiar

What do you do when your family comes to visit? You take pictures. And where do you take pictures? Along your favorite street in the Norfolk Neon District, of course! When my mother and sister came to visit me a couple of weekends ago, I took them to Granby street to show them the shops and different walls.


The weather didn’t want to cooperate, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted – maybe next time. Hopefully, I’ll see something new next time. Or perhaps, I’ll move onto a different scene.


Temerrian Michele

Downtown Norfolk.

Since it’s been confirmed that my job will be closing soon, I’ve decided to spend my last few lunches walking around downtown and taking pictures of anything that catches my eye. Mostly streets, tourist sites, sculptures, and the Norfolk mermaids.

After seeing some pretty cool things, I decided to come back at night with one of my favorite unpaid models.

In this post you’ll see snaps of Nauticus, The Pagoda & Garden Fountain, Chrysler Museum of Art-Glass Studio, Smoothie King, and Benny Damato’s.

Sometimes a blog post may come a week or two after the photos have been taken, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page to stay updated.

Temerrian Michele

The First Snow | 2017

Every year, around the same time, the weather people call for snow and every year it’s a good 50/50 chance that they’re liars. Honestly, truly – I try to not get my hopes up and fall into the trap. Weather Men/Women account for 75% of my trust issues, but I digress.

January 6th – 7th, we got our first snow of 2017. I didn’t think that we were going to get so much, but it looks like we got every inch that was predicted. I took pics last night when it started and again this morning when I finally woke up. I intended to get some nice, cute pics from our apartment balcony, but my boyfriend insisted on going out to explore. I got some nice pics before realizing that this North Carolina girl wasn’t built for this Virginia snow.

-Temerrian Michele


Tis’ The Season.

This year, I spent Christmas in Charlotte, NC with my family. I’d say this was the best Christmas I’ve had in a while. The first one in the last 3 years that I actually got to enjoy the time with my family instead of worrying about getting on the road or getting home at a descent time to make it to work the next day. I got plenty of gifts, but my favorite was time.

While I was in the city, I made time to ride around downtown and take some shots. Surprise, my little sister was the model. Double surprise, I got some shots with my parents, brother, niece (s?), and nephew as well. A family affair.


-Temerrian Michele





Brotherly Love.


November 27th -28th, thanks to my dad, I had the pleasure of visiting the city of brotherly love – Philadelphia, PA. I explored the city and was lucky enough to sit in the Miller Phlite Deck during the Eagles vs. Packers game that Sunday. My lovely model in most of my photos is my boyfriend. The only other person besides my little sister that’s willing to have their picture taken by me…he also had no choice *Kanye Shrug*.


-Temerrian Michele



Fall came and left, but I never uploaded any pictures from the season. SAD. After some procrastination and with also five days until winter begins…VOILĂ€.

If you’ve been reading some of my post, you already know that my little sister is the only that will willingly pose for me. Anytime – any day. Also, got one good picture of my mom before rushing out to do some Black Friday shopping.

-Temerrian Michele.


Sleepy Hole | Suffolk, VA

Got lost in Suffolk, VA today. I was trying to find a nice walking trail and stumbled upon Sleepy Hole Park instead. A negative… due to numerous mosquito bites and countless mishaps with walking into spider webs, I didn’t get a lot of good images. A positive, I got a good walk in after all. =)


Sleepy Hole | Suffolk, VA 2016

-Temerrian Michele