Granby Street

Being a 25 year old and moving to a city where I have no family or friends, I rarely get out unless it’s the daily commute to and from work. Since I have to travel a lot for my job (going to various locations), I tend to stumble upon some cool places. While traveling around downtown Norfolk,VA, I ran across Granby Street/The Norfolk Arts District. Let’s just say, I was amazed…so amazed that I started to imagine blaring horns behind me…that turned out to be real horns because I was too busy trying to see what was around than keeping up with the flow of traffic, but I digress. Street art happens to be my favorite, so I had no choice but to go home, get my camera and come back to explore on foot (no horns this time).

I think I got most of the pictures on this post, but If you want to see the rest, click here.


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